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Welcome to the world of miniature model products.

Dai Kong Trading import a wide range of highly furnish components like architectural & engineering model parts, miniature model airplanes, cars, human figures, landscape materials, railroad enthusiast and scale-down furniture.

At Dai Kong Trading you can be assured of high quality products and we also provide laser cutting parts upon your request. We have local manufacturer and imported quality products. Whether you are an architect, engineer, film maker, industrialist, collector, hobbyist, scale model builders or technical student you will find that the accessories will make your models, hobby kits or diorama livelier and finely detailed to professional standard.

Some of this products could be a special gift as present to someone on a special occasion.

Architectural materials - Available roofing, stone texture, turfing an others various scale and size.

Airplanes collection - Realistic miniature die-cast airplanes from 1:500 to 1:200 scale.

Dioramas - Ideal for advertisement and film making.

Engineering parts - Tubing, rods, valves and many other parts for industrial scale model buildings.

Heavy vehicles - Available are trucks and buses for collectors of these unique machines.            

Model parts & accessories - Ready laser cut model parts and furnishing detail parts.

Model cars collection - Miniature models car from N1:160 to 1:24, plastic & die-cast.

Miniature human figures - Miniature human figures from scale 1:500 to G 1:22,5.

Professional railroads - Locomotive, coaches, tracks and accessories for professional railroad dioramas.

Scenery materials - Ready available scenery materials for your scale model and dioramas.

We import products like AK200, AV200, AV400, Aero Classics 400, AE500, Aviation 200 & 400, Blue Box, BBOX, Busch GmbH & Co. KG, DP, Dickie-Schuco GmbH & Co. KG, Five Star, GEBR Fleischmann GmbH & CO. KG, Faller GmbH, Gemini Jets 400 & 200, FL400/FL200, Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH, Hogan Wings, Inflight 1:500/200, Jet-X 400 & 200, JC Wings 400 & 200, JX, Margarete V. Jordan, Net Models, NOCH GmbH & Co KG, Paul M. Preiser GmbH, Phoenix, PIKO Spielwaren GmbH, Plastruct Inc, Rietze Automodelle GmbH, Vollmer GmbH, Sky500 & 400, Star Jets, Viessmann-Modellspielwaren GmbH and Wiking-Modellbau GmbH & CO. KG. We also import Miniature Figures, Cars, Lightings and Miniature Trees from China suitable for architectural modellers, railraod & dioramas.

We welcome any enquiry, questions and mail orders by emails to daikonghobby@gmail.com and we hope to provide what you need.













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