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Miniature Electrical & Electronics

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Lightings HO.

Lightings N.

Lightings Z.

Lightings G.

Electrical Railroad HO.

Electrical Railroad N.

Electrical & Electronic Accs

  Vie5043 Light Ribbon with 12 Yellow SMD-LEDS, 75mm

  Vie5044 Light Ribbon 6 Yellow SMD-LEDS, 37mm
  Vie5045 Light Ribbon 3 Yellow SMD-LEDS, 18mm
  Vie5053 Platform Clock ( Hanging, functioning including battery )
  Vie5055 Women waving her arm ( Realistic movement due to innovative adapted drive )
  Vie5072 Telephone Box Closed 36mm
  Vie5073 Telephone Box Open 30mm
  Vie6011 Uniform Gas Lamp 35mm
  Vie6062 Wooden Post 148mm
  Vie6070 Park Lamp 56mm
  Vie6080 Street Lamp Modern 48mm
  Vie6082 Street Lamp St. Pauli Violet LED 56mm
  Vie6089 Industrial Lamp Wall Mounting
  Vie6091 Whip Lamp 100mm Yellow
  Vie6093 Street Lamp Modern 100mm
  Vie6095 Whip Lamp Double 100mm white
  Vie6096 Whip Lamp Single 100mm yellow
  Vie6098 Street Lamp Modern Double
  Vie6393 Lamp Charlottenburg 111mm
  Vie6394 Lamp Freindrichstrabe 134mm
  Vie6395 Lamp Brandenburger Tor 138mm
  Vie6396 Gas Lamp 48mm
  Vie6397 Gas Lamp Double 55mm
  Vie6398 Gas Lamp Triple 60mm
  Vie6471 Wall Lamp
  Vie6494 Lamp Freindrichstrabe 67mm
  Vie6496 Lamp Brandenburger Tor 69mm
  Vie6832 House Illumination Socket
  Vie6833 Extension Fro use with the House Illumination Socket Vie6832, 3 pcs
  Vie60701 Park Lamp, Black Specials Socket, maintenance-free LEDs 56mm

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