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Vie4010 Daylight Distant Signal

with 4 LEDs 60mm

Vie4011 Daylight Block Signal

with 2 LEDs 79mm

Vie4110 Standard Mast

with support arm, metal type 99mm

Vie4100 Catenary starter set

for one track oval which contains 14 masts 4110,

12 catenary wires 190mm, 2 catenary wires 360mm

Vie4112 Middle Mast

with support arm, metal type,

electrically insulated 99mm

Vie4118 Concrete Mast

with support arm, metal type 98.5mm

Vie4129 Mast for bridges

for universal installation on all bridges,

masts with special Maerklin mounting

brackets and support arm,

metal construction 99mm

Vie4150-4159 Universal Catenary Wire

The universal catenary wire can easily

be trimmed and adjusted with the

pliers 4198